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Nowadays, we are moving from catastrophe to catastrophe so fast that no one has time to learn from what is happening, thus we are doomed to repeat it all again and again. Each time history repeats itself the price goes up.

My aim is to take hold of important events I have witnessed and rescue from oblivion deeds that have been forgotten or chosen to have been forgotten. With time, people and cities perish and the memory of things is lost, so the sole purpose of my work is to preserve memories on the internet forever.

I believe the power of our thoughts is the only tool we humans have to counter the tyranny of nuclear isotopes. If our thoughts and ideas are truly valuable, then perhaps they will endure, humanity will pass them into the future and hopefully benefit from them. In this way, part of us can live longer than the nasty isotopes that degrade our environment, and we can rival them in terms of longevity.

Since the Ghost Town site first went on the Internet in 2003, millions of people have viewed the Chernobyl information which it provides. This site is maintained by me, the author, and is completely free of all popup ads and spyware. There are no copyright issues.

Work on this site is my hobby, which I pursue in my free time.


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