Dead Zone (Spring 2017)


Geiger counter audio is on. On new place you got to listen to it because so many interesting things to look at!

Here we send geiger counter fly with drone. Knowing rate with which air absorbs radiation it is easy to calculate level on the ground. You can find out levels 5 kms from you in minutes without moving from the spot. I only wish they would produce drones with geiger counters built in so we wouldn't have to fix them with wire which affects drones landing and do not look very hi-tech.

If you want to see video of this experiment here is:

Road sign telling us that we are on a slippery slope. To me it seems that this whole area has been on a slippery ground since they built atomic plant near by.

From first sight glass seems to be broke but it is roof that is broken.


On some houses windows still boarded, owners hoped to return after a while.

In first years houses were locked but time is a thief and now this lock is just guarding itself.